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please let me be perfectly clear here if all you do is join you will make nothing
but if you buy some products you will not only get healthier and help people with there issues you will make money
From The Desk Of Edward Dietz
unit 4/8 Mulligan st
cairns Queensland Australia
I’ve got to be honest with you,
I never thought I’d be one of those lucky people who got to live a jet-setting lifestyle, living on our own terms, and able to do pretty much whatever we want.
Certainly not when I was an invalid pensioner living paycheck to paycheck.
My life consisted of getting out of bed and getting on the computer and trying desperately to finned a way to earn the money that every one that works and has a job earns
After I paid my rent, bills, the electricity fuel for the car,  insurance for my car and other expenses and put food on the table, I had barely anything left.
and forget about trying to save anything
In fact, a recent survey revealed that a LOT of people are being forced to live like I used too.
Maybe even you…
  • Nearly 10% of those making $50,000 or more say they can’t make ends meet
  • ​Most workers are in debt and many believe they always will be
  • ​78% of full-time workers said they live paycheck to paycheck
  • ​56% of all workers say that they’re in debt over their heads
Chances are if you’re in traditional JOB and you don’t have multiple income streams or investments doing the same thing the same way every time will achieve the same results and unfortunately, the OVERWHELMING likelihood is that things are going to STAY that way
Having Your Eyes Locked On Your Bank Account Every Month Is No Way To Live
I’m sure you’d agree, right?
As for relying on the government they live in a different world they only care about themselves and there close friends so why would they come to help, or your boss giving you a raise? 
whether that is likely or not wouldn’t you rather have another stream of income so you don’t have to worry about that and we all know that your job can be here today and gone tomorrow right
Are Decreasing Every Single Year.
Your job isn’t safe.
… and you need more money to survive.
With living expenses spiralling, house prices skyrocketing, and retirement costs getting higher and higher… your salary is getting stretched further, and further.
Wouldn’t you agree that affording your grocery bill every week is becoming more and more challenging?
When you couple that with the little increases to your subscriptions and bills that start to seriously add up over time too…
Your belt is getting tighter and tighter – isn’t it?
To the point where you’ve got hardly anything left over to go out and enjoy life.
You Need To Add WAY More To
Your Current Salary
To Increase Your Quality Of Life

When I realised that there is more to life than “just getting by” and that I deserved my piece of that pie, I did what most people do.

First, I tried freelancing. But, all I did was trade one boss in for 10. No thanks, freelancing! 
Then I tried eCommerce, and eBay. It made me a few $$’s, but as I tried to scale I found myself doing MORE work than I did in the 9-5. No thanks, eCommerce! 
Now before you reached this page, you may have found this as well.
You may have realised that many of the ways that can make you money on the side require too much work, skill, or resources to succeed.
At this point in my life, I was ready to throw in the towel. 
I’d taken a huge leap trying to make more out of my life… and so far it felt like one failure after the other.
Then, I discovered  “Heart Body Naturals” and everything changed… but not in the most conventional way.
He was watching a Mastermind for successful marketing people.
… I definitely wasn’t successful at the time at all.
But you know that feeling you get, that voice in the back of your head that tells you “this will change everything”?
Well I listened to it….

and joined HBN and because this company is so honest and open it was no problem finding out  “How do I do this? How can I be a success online?

What I do know is, the thing he said to me would go on to shape the rest of my life
He said:
“Stop Trying To Create Your Own Path As An Entrepreneur…
…You Will Fail!”

He suggested I follow a proven formula that is already working, has already proven itself, and is making millionaires like clockwork:

Internet Marketing! 
Internet marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. you join an online company and do the training and follow the steps and make money off the sales that you can spend anywhere any time and all the hard work is done for you.
It’s how we make millions. 
I thought it sounded crazy at first.
I thought I’d stumbled across an opportunity to make some money
So, like a fool, I ignored the advice, and kept doing what I was already doing and lo and behold, I kept failing too.
A couple of months down the line I reluctantly decided to give online Marketing a go…
It Was The Ultimate Slap In The Face
In my first week I started earning and building my team
and dreaming of how healthy and wealthy I was going to be now I have been in the industry trying so many different things to make money and I have never been able to make money or build a team
and it is only thru HBN that I have found out why

Imagine What You Could Do If your Health and Wealth were at the most optimum level possible

With That Kind Of Health and Money? 
  • Travel the world  
  • ​Secure a carefree retirement 
  • ​Buy your dream car
  • ​Pay off your mortgage
  • ​Cover your kid’s college fees
  • ​Take up a new hobby 
  • ​Create unreal memories with loved ones
  • ​Do month-long charity work at a time 
  • ​Sit on your couch all day and relax
  • ​Take the weight off your shoulders
The opportunities would be endless. 
You’re Probably Not Surprised To Hear That
I don’t need a Job!
In My Second Year In online Marketing
 I Nearly Tripled My Earnings…
I owe it all to my simple, 2-Step Blueprint! 
My Simple 2-Step Blueprint Is:
People – Place – Product


you will need products to sell like any retail store  the difference here is that you make money when you buy the products and when you sell the products and when people in your team do the same

the more products you order the more money you save and make

The Best Part?
This System is that you can do as little or as much as you want 

Here’s What Need to Get When You Sign Up 

To The Super awesome products and System TODAY!

1. My Super foods

we have the trilogy MIND,BODY,SOUL, to keep you body and mind healthy and happy plus Nourish and many more products

2. PEOPLE – all you have to do is order products the system finned’s people and puts them in you team but this doesn’t mean you can’t finned people and have them copy you

We’ve Got You Covered Here!

whether it is health or wealth your after look no further we have the products and the system to cover you goals

3. PLACE – Where To offer The Products

we don’t sell anything instead we offer solutions to people problems with products they need and want so you can offer any one or more of our products to shops people stalls or online even create your own brand

Inside The System
We’re Going To Give You:

we give you 11 sites that are free no monthly fees
a free fully operational business and all the training you could ever want or need
plus daily updates from top marketing people

4. PRODUCT – That You’re Going To offer

products list

Heart & Body Naturals Testimonials and Information

Yvonne Franklin 

My Slimmer and VitaliTea Weight Loss Challenge!!

I have just completed my 90 day weight loss challenge on May 1st I haven’t reach my desired goal but I’m feeling great with the level of progress that I have made so far.

I have lost 30 pounds and a total of 7 inches my belly isn’t as big as before. I take Slimmer twice a day before meals and I drink my VitaliTea twice sometimes three times a day, I must say it tastes great.

See more

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Thank You Slimmer & Vitalitea Another 1lb Gone… 10lbs In 16 Days… Woot Woot… So Easy To Do Too…

No photo description available.

Since starting using the pain cream 3 weeks ago, I have now introduced Entourage Drops,
I have had fibromyalgia for ten years I am a always looking for products to help with the pain and lack of sleep,
I have tried so many over the years and never felt much benefit.
I really struggle with a full nights sleep I was lucky if I got 3-4 hours. I now put the pain cream on and also take 5 drops of Entourage oil before I go to bed, I sleep solid


Start On A Low Dose…
from a few drops to 10 drops 1 x per day for 2-7 days
then 5 drops to 10 drops 2 x per day

I Love Our Products!! I’ve lost weight, my skin glows, and my hair has grown since I’ve been taking HBNaturals; (Healing Trilogy: Mind, Body & Soul)!


Image may contain: indoor
Image may contain: 1 person
Hey all! So quick little story. I’ve been struggling with fibromyalgia for YEARS! Been dealing with neck and shoulder pain for about 2 weeks now and I JUST got my pain cream today,used it once and ALREADY feel a difference! 🙌😀 I also got the “calm” oil and feel a difference. Definitely more calm and relaxed!
Image may contain: 1 person, glasses

In this day and age it’s very rare…

… but we actually care.
we have the best training and support
our training calls are all listed in your back office you will see them when you sing up and support is almost instant you just email them

100% Risk FREE

Organic Plant Based Gluten Free GMO Free Dairy Free Soy Free Cruelty Free
and we have a 60 day as soon as you receive the products guarantee and if you have any issues just call or email the company and get your money back no questions asked

We do want to be perfectly clear…  the statements made on this web site or in any Heart & Body Naturals literature or presentations have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Heart & Body Naturals’ products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. The information on our web sites, in literature, and in presentations is not intended as medical advice and is not intended to replace the relationship you have with your primary healthcare provider. Any decisions you make about your food or supplement choices should be made with the one-on-one help of a qualified healthcare provider. If you have a medical condition, see your physician of choice before starting this program.

Important: Please Consult Your Physician If You

  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Are under the age of 18
  • Have active cancer
  • Have liver disease or hepatitis
  • Have Type 1 Diabetes
  • Are taking prescription medications
  • Are under medical treatment for any allergy
  • Have an allergy to any food or ingredient listed

Contact Corporate: Heart & Body Naturals   •   One Moock Road, Suite 201   •   Wilder, KY 41071   •   (513) 274-2110

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disclaimer these products are not meant to diagnose cure or prevent anything and these are not medical claims just experien